Networks and IoT systems

The Networks and IoT Systems research group focuses on novel network and system architectures integrating virtualization technologies and IoT devices. The group contributions are on the design of new network and system protocols and platforms, on the conception of algorithms orchestrating these protocols and platforms, and on the optimization and securing of the computing and communication infrastructure.

The reference research areas of the group are embedded systems, distributed systems and communication networks. The group adopts a research methodology including modeling, optimization, machine learning and artificial intelligence, standardization and experimentation. The group focuses on the impact of new technologies emerging in the design of programmable IoT devices, network nodes and computing platforms, on the automation and virtualization of the end-to-end network-system stack, and on the conception of novel Internet protocols.

The application spectrum of the solutions studied by the research group team ranges from IoT and user devices to data-center networks and wireless and wired infrastructures making use of network and service function virtualization. Currently the group works on challenges emerging in the orchestration of the network-system infrastructure, in the definition of virtualization and automation protocols for 5G networks and beyond, in the interconnection of decentralized systems as the blockchains, in security and cybersecurity, and in the conception of new programmable and autonomous IoT systems.

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