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5G is not just a cellular communication technology. This is an ecosystem that will serve the IoE: Internet of Everything. A society where everything is connected;classic user and industrial objects. 5G will therefore make it possible to use the IoT and its uses boxes and support low latency and high efficiency connections, as well as a tape very optimal pass. Service-Based Architectures SBA offers a modular framework including all common applications can be deployed using components of various sources and various suppliers. 3GPP has defined Service-Based Architecture (SBA) or control plane functionality and that of the user plan ’of the 5G network are delivered by the Network Functions (NFs), each function has authorization to access the services of others. The aim of the thesis is to develop and optimize the use of the key element, the entry point of the autonomous 5G network core which is the AMF (MME in LTE) and its interactions with certain features such as NSSF, SMF, UPF and UPF.